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Government Services

Government Services

CUUR HEALTH is committed to be a resource and conduit of information for Infectious Disease for all levels of Government including Federal, State and Local.

Our mission is to provide preference and speed for both information and diagnostic testing to those who’s service provides for our wonderful way of life.

Program Readiness with a focus exclusively on Infectious Disease, CUUR HEALTH can bring innovative service solutions to deliver fast and affordable qPCR diagnostic services to our partners in Government.

Diagnostic Delivery on time and on budget. CUUR HEALTH delivers agile, cost focused deliverables to help from community screening to state and national diagnostic solutions for hyper-sonic threats.

Infectious Disease Care


At CUUR HEALTH, we understand behind every test we perform is a person – a wife, a grandmother, a brother, a neighbor, or a friend – or even someone’s newborn child. . . We take extreme care with every test performed at our laboratories. The COVID-19 Pandemic has driven home the importance of this like no other.

Our expertise combined with our highly sensitive qPCR level testing capabilities have provided CUUR HEALTH with the ability to rapidly detect the molecular signature of harmful organism such as the CORONAVIRUS RNA that threatens lives.

qPCR testing is the most accurate way possible to quickly and accurately detect COVID-19 and all known infectious diseases. CUUR HEALTH is dedicated to maintaining the largest data set of infectious disease targets available in the world.

The entire CUUR HEALTH team strives to empower healthcare professionals with  highly accurate tools and resources to quickly initiate the correct course of therapy leading to improved patient outcomes and quality of life.