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Respiratory Panel


CUUR HEALTH is dedicated to maintaining the largest data set of infectious disease targets available in the world.

Acute respiratory infection is a leading cause of death in children and contributes to a substantial amount of mortality in geriatric and immunocompromised patients worldwide. Co-infection with multiple organisms is also common within these patient populations and making clinical decisions more complex. To be effective, providers require access to advanced technologies that can detect multiple pathogens at once reducing the chance of false negative test results that can lead to a delayed or incorrect diagnosis and poor clinical outcomes.

Coronavirus Respiratory Panel includes testing for COVID-19…

CUUR HEALTH quickly identifies all organisms and pathogens in the respiratory tract and potential bacterial antibiotic resistance allowing providers to offer more effective, supportive care while strengthening their antibiotic stewardship programs. In addition, as seasonal demand increases, CUUR HEALTH can adapt quickly to changing needs for respiratory infection testing in your community, as well as patient age and overall health. With significant overlap of symptoms across infections and an evolving reimbursement landscape, we offer flexible, custom assays to deliver the highest-quality and cost-effective results.

Helix DNA
Respiratory BACTERIA 
BacteriaBordetella sp.
BacteriaB. pertussis
BacteriaB. pertussis
BacteriaH. influenzae
BacteriaK. pneumoniae
BacteriaL. pneumophila
BacteriaM. pneumoniae
BacteriaS. aureus
BacteriaS. pneumoniae
Respiratory VIRUS 
VirusHuman Enterovirus (pan assay)
VirusHuman Enterovirus D68
VirusInfluenza A
VirusInfluenza A/H1-2009
VirusInfluenza A/H3
VirusInfluenza B
ICD-10 CodesDescription
J06.9Acute upper respiratory infection, unspecified
J16.8Pneumonia due to other specified
infectious organisms
J18.8Other pneumonia, unspecified organism
J18.9Pneumonia, unspecified organism
J20.8Acute bronchitis due to other
specified organisms
J20.9Acute bronchitis, unspecified
J21.8Acute bronchiolitis due to other
specified organisms
J21.9Acute bronchiolitis, unspecified
J22Unspecified acute lower respiratory infection
J01.90Acute sinusitis, unspecified
J01.91Acute recurrent sinusitis, unspecified
J01.00Acute maxillary sinusitis, unspecified
J01.01Acute recurrent maxillary sinusitis
J01.10Acute frontal sinusitis, unspecified
J01.11Acute recurrent frontal sinusitis
J01.20Acute ethmoidal sinusitis, unspecified
J01.21Acute recurrent ethmoidal sinusitis
J01.30Acute sphenoidal sinusitis, unspecified
J01.31Acute recurrent sphenoidal sinusitis
J01.40Acute pansinusitis, unspecified
J01.41Acute recurrent pansinusitis
J01.80Other acute sinusitis
J01.81Other acute recurrent sinusitis
J15.9Unspecified bacterial pneumonia
J18.1Lobar pneumonia, unspecified organism
J18.2Hypostatic pneumonia, unspecified organism
C34Malignant neoplasm of bronchus and lung
C34.90Malignant neoplasm of unspecified part of unspecified bronchus or lung
C34.91Malignant neoplasm of unspecified part of right bronchus or lung
C34.92Malignant neoplasm of unspecified part of left
bronchus or lung
C77Secondary and unspecified malignant neoplasm of lymph nodes
C77.1Secondary and unspecified malignant neoplasm of intrathoracic lymph nodes
C78.0Secondary malignant neoplasm of lung
D14.3Benign neoplasm of bronchus and lung
D14.30Benign neoplasm of unspecified bronchus and lung
D14.31Benign neoplasm of right bronchus and lung
D14.32Benign neoplasm of left bronchus and lung
D3A.090Benign carcinoid tumor of the bronchus and lung
J00Acute nasopharyngitis [common cold]
J01Acute sinusitis
J02Acute pharyngitis
J03Acute tonsillitis
J04.0Acute laryngitis
J04.1Acute tracheitis
J05.1Acute epiglottitis
J06Acute upper respiratory infections of multiple and unspecified sites
J06.0Acute laryngopharyngitis
J67Hypersensitivity pneumonitis due to organic dust
J67.0Farmer’s lung
J67.8Hypersensitivity pneumonitis due to other organic dusts
J67.9Hypersensitivity pneumonitis due to unspecified
organic dust
R06Abnormalities of breathing
R97Abnormal tumor markers
Z85Personal history of malignant neoplasm
Z85.1Personal history of malignant neoplasm of trachea, bronchus and lung
Z85.11Personal history of malignant neoplasm of
bronchus and lung
Z85.9Personal history of malignant neoplasm, unspecified
Infectious Disease Care

During 2017-2018 Flu Season, CDC estimates:

  • 48.8 million sick
  • 22.7 million healthcare visits
  • 959,000 hospitalizations
  • 79,400 deaths

1 million adults in the US seek care due to pneumonia every year and 50,000 die