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Skilled Nursing Care

At CUUR HEALTH we provide laboratory diagnostic testing that covers the entire continuum of care.





Our laboratories operate under the highest quality standards of CAP, CLIA and the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) guidance issued by the FDA. We are able to provide the same CLIA accredited qPCR Molecular level testing for skilled nursing, home health and hospice care facilities as we do for our Government agencies, hospitals and physician clients.

Our goal is to provide fast and accurate diagnoses you can count on. Test with confidence!

CUUR HEALTH can work with you to process your COVID-19 respiratory panels for your symptomatic patients. 

CUUR HEALTH can provide COVID-19 respiratory testing on-site for employees who may have had contact with the coronavirus or provide at-home testing kits.

Patients at risk can be screened without risk to your other patients. 

Getting set-up is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
  1. Fill Out Online New Account Form
  2. Download COVID-19 Requisition Form
  3. Fill Out Requisition and Fax Form Back
Please be sure to complete all (3) Steps
Step 1: Fill Out New Account Form
Step 2: DOWNLOAD Requisition Form
Step 3: FAX Requisition Form

FAX completed requisition form, patient insurance information, and insurance card* to: (702) 852-0396.

* We accept most insurance and will directly bill patient insurance.

Need Some Help?

Should you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our expert staff.

Download our helpful 11″ x 14″ poster (printable .pdf format) that provides caregivers steps and processes for properly collecting COVID-19 and all respiratory swabs. Place poster in prominent location within facility for easy access and reference.
Infectious Disease Care


At CUUR Diagnostics, we understand behind every test we perform is a person – a wife, a grandmother, a brother, a neighbor, or a friend – or even someone’s newborn child. . . We take extreme care with every test performed at our laboratories. The COVID-19 Pandemic has driven home the importance of this like no other.

Our expertise combined with our highly sensitive qPCR level testing capabilities have provided CUUR Diagnostics with the ability to rapidly detect the molecular signature of harmful organism such as the CORONAVIRUS RNA that threatens lives.

qPCR testing is the most accurate way possible to quickly and accurately detect COVID-19 and all known infectious diseases. CUUR Diagnostics is dedicated to maintaining the largest data set of infectious disease targets available in the world.

The entire CUUR Diagnostics team strives to empower healthcare professionals with  highly accurate tools and resources to quickly initiate the correct course of therapy leading to improved patient outcomes and quality of life.