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CUUR HEALTH is dedicated to maintaining the largest data set of infectious disease targets available in the world.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Preventions’ recent recommends, molecular diagnostic methods are essential for effective detection of Candida auris, a fungal pathogen that has garnered global attention due to its drug resistance and capability for highly invasive infections associated with high mortality rates in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Acute and chronic wounds have become a significant healthcare problem in the US and as well as globally. Rapid and comprehensive identification of pathogens is critical to mitigate the risk of an acute infection becoming chronic, especially where patients with venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers or pressure ulcers who frequently suffer from prolonged failure to heal and may progress to the need for amputation. Correctly identifying the cause of a chronic wound as well as the local and systemic factors that may be contributing to poor wound healing is critical to successful wound treatment.

CUUR HEALTH provides the most comprehensive examination of the bacterial and fungal organisms available on the market empowering providers in wound diagnostics, limb preservation, avoidance of adverse events and prevention of unnecessary antibiotic prescribing.

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Infectious Disease Care
  • In the US, 8.2 million patients receiving Medicare benefits suffer from chronic wounds
  • Medicare spends over $32 billion annually on wound treatment.